5 Ways Parametric Insurance is Transforming Travel Insurance & Customer Protection


– A guide to the global travel insurance sector’s critical need for parametric innovation

In this E-book, we present 5 transformative features of Parametric Insurance, how it works and why it’s pivotal for the future of travel insurance and customer protection in general. At its peak, COVID-19 challenges crystallised the essential benefits of proactive real-time insurance assistance, but parametric principles are equally relevant during periods of airport congestion, heightened security risk, geopolitical turmoil or everyday unforeseen circumstances, all of which can force changes into whatever contingency plans Insurers put in place and leave customers feeling exposed, worried and vulnerable.

An effective parametric platform allows a claim to process and for payment to happen automatically and without delay. That’s how you resolve the problem. This is how the Blink Parametric model works!

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