April 14, 2020

Blink Luggage – New Product Launch

BlinkParametric.com adds Blink Luggage to Travel Insurance Platform as it expands real-time insurance solutions in readiness for a post-COVID-19 world

We are really excited to launch Blink Luggage and continue building the next generation of Travel Insurance services in a changed world. The launch comes as Blink works with our Travel Insurance partners on developing post-COVID-19 Travel Insurance solutions.

Speaking of the launch, Paul Prendergast, CEO of Blink, “Although Travel is very tough right now and everyone is dealing with personal and business difficulties, we are bullish and continue to invest to allow our partners to innovate at speed.”

Blink Luggage:

– offers travellers an immediate pay-out if luggage is delayed and offers service options ranging from lounge access to care benefits based on the travellers outbound/inbound transit status,

– after 4 days, if it is officially confirmed that luggage is deemed lost, travellers receive an additional immediate pay-out.

Blink Luggage cover does not impact on any separate valid claims on Airline Luggage Policy.

Mr. Prendergast explained,

With the COVID-19 pandemic triggering a massive influx of claims across the Travel sector worldwide, we face a major turning point opportunity for the travel insurance industry. Claims processing delays and system inertia are the ultimate proof that a major shift in how claims are paid is now critically important for the long-term future of the sector. We are working with our partners to deliver parametric solutions to address these challenges efficiently as Blink can process more than 60,000 claims per hour and today’s consumers demand and expect immediate remedy which we can deliver”.