June 6, 2019

Blink – Product Webinar

Blink….And Don’t Miss it! 


LIVE Webinar with Blink Product Demo on Thursday 13th June 2019.


This is your chance to hear about Blink’s innovative real-time travel disruption solution.  This insurtech innovation monitors and instantly notifies travellers of delays and automatically offers a number of service choices saving the traveller time and stress.  It delivers problem resolutions in minutes.  Blink ensures the ‘customer experience’ is top priority with its proven platform that is multi-user, multi-lingual, 100% white label and automated and can be implemented as a market-ready, cost-effective solution in 3 months!

Date: 13th June, 2019

Time: 09:00 PDT; 12:00 Noon EDT; 17:00 BST


  1. Presenter Introduction 5 mins
  2. Blink Product Introduction 20 mins
  3. Blink Platform Demonstration 20 mins

This will be an interactive session so, questions will be encouraged and facilitated throughout.

Duration: 1 hour (max)

If you would like to join our webinar and see how we might add a ‘wow’ factor to your policies and services, click here.