December 12, 2022

TravelTech and InsurTech Providers Team Up in Global Partnership

Health and Wellbeing of Travel Warriors with Sanctifly Membership To Benefit from Blink Parametric Flight Disruption Solution


Cork, Ireland 12th December, 2022 – Blink Parametric has announced an exciting partnership with travel wellness subscription platform Sanctifly. The two industry leaders in the global InsurTech and TravelTech markets respectively, have joined forces to offer a technology-driven real-time Flight Delay Benefit to Sanctifly travellers across the globe. With immediate effect, Sanctifly’s membership includes a new service that provides Sanctifly points to travellers that experience a 2+hour flight delay. These points can be applied against a wide range of travel benefits such as airport lounge passes, gym or swimming pool access, or even airport massage.

Sanctifly is a membership App that gives travellers access to relaxation and fitness options at airports around the world. Members get lots of customised advice, hints, tips, hacks and information on how to spend between one and six hours of a delay or layover before, after or between flights at 175 international airports. Its service options include access to runs, gyms, pools, spas, quiet zones, meditation and yoga spaces, lounges, shower and sleep facilities and healthy places to eat. Uniquely, Sanctifly members also get access to airport hotels’ fitness, wellness and relaxation facilities without having to book a room.

Announcing the deal, Carl Carter, Chief Commercial Officer at Blink Parametric says, “We knew for some time that we wanted to work with Sanctifly, as our respective travel service offerings readily complement each other. Our teams are also equally driven to design a really unique customer experience so there was a great creative dynamic throughout the development phase. Once the member offer was defined, the implementation using Blink Parametric App widget technology made it a swift and easy process to fully embed and brand the service as an integral part of the Sanctifly App and user experience. It was pretty much plug and play, which led to a perfect launch and I am thrilled to see that it is already delivering real and tangible benefits to Sanctifly members.

Karl Llewellyn, Founder and CEO of Sanctifly spoke of the rationale of adding Blink Parametric to its suite of benefits, “Adding the Blink Parametric Flight Delay Benefit to the mix is a milestone improvement in our existing customer benefit range. Anyone who has experienced airport delays knows how arduous and tedious they can be – people’s time is valuable and often limited. Our goal is to alter the perspective of that experience into something positive. Enable members to make good use of their time by going to the gym, or indeed availing of the rare “down-time” to unwind and enjoy a massage,. It is all part of our wider goal to support the health and well-being of our members when travelling. There has never been a greater focus on individual traveller wellbeing, with corporates demonstrating their duty of care to the employees who represent them across the world. I know first-hand that travel warriors don’t want to spend hours sitting in an airport bar when there’s something better to do. They want positive distractions, based around healthy living and taking care of themselves while they’re on the move. This whole process has been hugely positive for us, made easier by the innate understanding we share with Blink Parametric on the travel markets we serve.”

How it Works
– Accessible through the Sanctifly app, paid customer membership will include up to 8 return flights (16 flights in total) per membership year eligible for Flight Delay Benefit (FDB). Sanctifly members can now receive added peace of mind when flying by simply pre-registering any booked flight at least 24 hours prior to departure via the new Flight Delay Benefit tile within the Sanctifly App.
– From that point the Blink Parametric engine will monitor the flight in real-time and will automatically notify the Sanctifly system and traveller when a 2-hour flight delay occurs, triggering an automatic award of 100 Sanctifly points direct to the traveller’s Sanctifly account.
– The Sanctifly member is then free to choose to utilise and redeem those points within the Sanctifly App on any of a wide range of applicable Sanctifly benefits at that point in time or save the points for future use.

Blink was founded in 2016, a Parametric as a Service (PAAS) InsurTech, focussed on a flight disruption travel insurance solution to prove its parametric platform. It launched Blink Parametric in 2020, offering a full suite of parametric insurance solutions across travel, climate, energy and business interruption sectors. It is quickly becoming one of the most innovative and successful providers of real-time flight disruption and lost luggage solutions across the globe. It offers customers a proactive real-time insurance service with a range of assistance options to be delivered straight to the traveller in their time of need – whilst delivering operational efficiency on processing high frequency, low severity claims for insurance partners.


Editor Note
About Blink Parametric
Blink Parametric is an award-winning InsurTech that transforms its clients’ traditional insurance offerings into superior service experiences with simple, intuitive and transparent parametric products. Its proven platform serves as the conduit for high frequency, low severity claims across Travel, with flight disruption and lost luggage solutions as well as developing solutions within the travel weather sector and online personal data monitoring and cyber solutions.
It partners globally with insurance and financial services companies in Asia, Europe, North America and Central and Latin America. Founded in 2016, it became the first Insurtech in the FCA (UK) Sandbox programme and made TheINSURTECH100 (2019, 2020, 2022), an annual list of the worlds’ most innovative InsurTech companies. Selected to join Cohort 5 of the prestigious Lloyd’s Lab innovation accelerator programme in 2020, it developed a market-ready Business Interruption offering. It has progressively expanded its services platform to become a world leader in parametric insurance product innovation, winning various awards including Best Use of Technology for Customer Experience and Best Customer App in the 2022 Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards, Claims Innovation of the Year at the European Risk Management Awards 2022 and Outstanding Industry Contribution of the Year at the 2022 ITIJ: International Travel & Health Insurance Journal Awards.
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About Sanctifly
Founded in 2018 in Cork, Ireland, Sanctifly is a travel tech wellness membership service. It gives members access to over 3500 relaxation and fitness options at airports including hotels’ fitness, wellness and relaxation facilities without having to book a room. Members also get advice, hints, tips, hacks and information on how to spend between one and six hours of a delay or layover before, after or between flights at 175 international airports worldwide. It covers runs, gyms, pools, spas, quiet zones, meditation and yoga spaces, lounges, shower and sleep options and healthy places to eat. Individuals can sign up for a monthly membership of just $9.95. Corporates value membership as a health benefit for employees who travel a lot and are charged on the basis of user volume. The company has three markets: enterprise memberships for organisations with 1,000+ staff who travel; loyalty programmes through credit card and life/health insurance companies; and travel management companies. In July 2022 the company announced a major deal, which was three years in the making, with Chase Bank whose 33 million credit card members now have access to the Sanctifly app as a benefit.
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